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Should I Hire a Baby Nurse?

Is a baby nurse right for your family? What are the benefits of hiring a baby nurse? Is a baby nurse worth the cost and what is all the hype about?

Many families ask these questions and some may feel that it is a parent's job to be exhausted, tired and unsure about the care provided to their new bundle of joy, so here are some key things to consider when making the choice for your family.

Benefits of Hiring a Newborn Care Specialist (Baby Nurse)

1. Rest, Recovery, Sleep and Enhanced Joy!

Whether you having a night nurse come and attend to baby throughout the night while you rest or you're recovering from labor/delivery or a C-section, you will certainly gain more peaceful rest and get back to 'feeling like yourself' in a much shorter period of time. This is a win-win for you, baby and other family members. In addition to the peace of mind you'll have knowing that a seasoned baby professional is looking closely after your newborn, you'll have more energy during daytime hours to enjoy your new baby and provide quality care. Parents have even contributed the night help to lower risk of postpartum depression.

2. Help with Baby Care, Breastfeeding, Sleep Training and More

Trained Newborn Care Specialists, referred by professional nanny agencies such as More Than A Nanny, will have years of experience caring for newborns and helping new moms. Their support usually covers support for breastfeeding moms to ensure baby is latching properly and feeding adequately, baby is off to a good sleep routine and daily schedule, and that baby is well and thriving overall. There is nothing like the comfort and reassurance of seasoned baby specialist who has cared for dozens of other newborns. Typical experience will also include calming fussy babies, coping with colic and acid reflux, as well as preemie and multiples care techniques.

3. Temporary Investment, Long Term Results

The two major factors that cause parents to second guess hiring a baby nurse is cost and privacy. The cost of hiring a newborn specialized nanny is only slightly higher than the cost of hiring a regular nanny, but the need is temporary and the value is great. Many families will recognize the need for help after they have already gotten into a bad routine or developed bad habits with baby that are hard to break out of. Good rest and a great start are priceless according to the parents who have hired a baby nurse, even for several weeks. Some comments have been, "she was a lifesaver", "the best decision we ever made" and so on. And as far as privacy goes, baby nurses work temporary assignments with many different families and they offer as much or as little support as you need. Usually after one day/night, you will rest easy knowing your baby is being well cared for while you rest up for the next day enjoying your new addition.

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