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Reliable, Trusted & Caring
Newborn Specialists

Night and 24-Hour Newborn Care Specialists (Baby Nurses)
Serving NY, NJ and Nationwide Since 2005

Trusted Baby Nurse & Newborn Night Nannies

Make the transition home with baby,

a smooth and enjoyable one.

Professional & Reliable Nanny Care Services

Find quality childcare that you can depend on for years to come.

Careers for Top-Notch
Newborn & Nanny Specialists

Join our team of top baby nurses + nannies and enjoy work you love.


We will review your family's specific needs, preferences and dates.


We'll check availability and recommend the best care for you.


We'll manage the referral and placement process in a timely manner.


We will confirm and onboard your selected nanny or newborn specialist.


We will offer on-going support to ensure a successful match.

"She has been absolutely wonderful! I really can't thank you enough for sending us someone so amazing.  It has made all the difference for us this time around!"

Lisa - Mamaroneck, NY

"Danielle has truly been a godsend and hiring a night baby nurse was the best decision that we have made with our new baby thus far!"

Diane - Upper Saddle River, NJ

"Things are working out wonderfully!  We were nervous at first, being first time parents, but you really helped make the process easy for us."

Mark - Jersey City, NJ

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