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Your Trusted Partner in Quality Childcare

Top-Notch Nanny and Newborn Care Placements Since 2006
Proudly Serving Families in New York, Westchester, Rockland (NY), Northern (NJ) and Fairfield County (CT)

Welcome to More Than A Nanny Placement Agency

Your partner in quality childcare solutions; catering specifically to the needs of busy families across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  We offer reliable and fully vetted caregivers that we know, ensuring your children receive the very best care and attentive support.

Why Choose Our Agency

Happy Family


We Know Nannies

Over the years, we have developed long-term relationships with our nannies and know first-hand what to look for in finding a quality nanny. We are clear on what motivates the very best nannies and newborn specialists - finding work that becomes more than just a job.


We Understand Families

We've helped hundreds of New York and New Jersey families find a perfect match for their family.  We understand the value of quality personalized childcare and the peace of mind it can bring, not to mention the long-term benefits for family-life, career and early child development.


We Specialize

We receive many requests for a variety of household staff services but we focus on what we do best - childcare placements.  We identify, screen and recommend top-notch career nannies and newborn specialists (night baby nurses) to caring, busy families who value quality care.

"Our nanny has been absolutely wonderful! I really can't thank you enough for sending us someone so amazing.  It has made all the difference for us this time around!"

Lisa - Westchester, NY

"Danielle has truly been a godsend and hiring a night baby nurse was the best decision that we have made with our new baby thus far!"

Diane - Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

"Things are working out wonderfully!  We were nervous at first, being first time parents, but you really helped make the process easy for us."

Mark - Rockland County, NY

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