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The Rest & Support You Need When Baby Arrives

Fully Screened Newborn Trained Night and 24 Hour Care
Serving Northern NJ, NYC, Westchester and Rockland Counties

Make the transition home with baby,

a smooth and enjoyable one.  Our night baby nurses are the best!

Join our team of top baby nurses + nannies who love what they do.  Apply now for serious consideration. Must be trained and certified.

"Our nanny has been absolutely wonderful! I really can't thank you enough for sending us someone so amazing.  It has made all the difference for us this time around!"

Lisa - Westchester, NY

"Danielle has truly been a godsend and hiring a night baby nurse was the best decision that we have made with our new baby thus far!"

Diane - Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

"Things are working out wonderfully!  We were nervous at first, being first time parents, but you really helped make the process easy for us."

Mark - Rockland County, NY

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