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Why Choose More Than A Nanny Agency?

Maybe you've wondered: "Why use a brick and mortar nanny and baby nurse service when I can go online and find someone on my own?". On the surface, this seems like a very reasonable and understandable question. From experience though, many families have learned the answer to this question the hard way.  In the case of a nanny, trial and error may not be the best approach!


We've compiled a simple Top Ten Reasons To Engage Our Professional Nanny Agency in hopes of answering this question.  Don't just take our word for it, the feedback we receive daily from our client families and nannies has contributed much to this Top Ten! 



Our nanny and newborn care agency is skilled at thoroughly screening and vetting candidates, eliminating the majority of applicants that simply don't make our selective cut.  We get to know our nannies personally and keep in touch with many of them years after placement.  Having amassed a large database of local nannies over almost two decades, we have previously worked with over half of our nanny pool with many of the remaining candidates coming to us by way of trusted referral. Sure, a friend may recommend a nanny, but will she be screened and selected with your family's specific needs and preferences in mind? Likely not, and you may find yourself trying to make it work.


Nannies are well aware of the rigors of a professional agency screening and the best nannies know that the most serious and favorable families tend to partner with professional agencies during their search.  Our agency attracts top notch candidates who view 'nannying' as a long-term profession rather than a babysitting 'gig'.  Our nannies are local to your family and will be just as committed to finding a loving family that they can become a useful part of.  Former clients recommend their beloved nannies to us and word of mouth keeps the quality pool large.  


While you may be filling one position, we fill hundreds each year.  As a result, our knowledge of the nanny staffing industry is vast and our advice priceless!  Our nanny service works closely with nannies and families throughout NYC, NJ, Rockland and Westchester and now nationwide, we have learned what contributes to successful long-lasting domestic employee/employer relationships.  We will impart honest advice, information and education that adds lasting value to your search and nanny employer experience.



Based on the comments of clients who have attempted a search on their own, finding a quality nanny can be a long, strenuous and exhausting process, and even worse if you wind up hiring the wrong person.  The problems can be endless including candidates who are under-qualified, unprofessional, unscreened (or under-screened), uninterested or just simply mediocre.  Also, if you should need a nanny in a pinch, we're equipped to help quickly!



It almost doesn't seem possible to save money when you contract a nanny agency, but rest assured it can be!  On average, most of our newborn specialists placed with our agency are recommended to other families and requested for help when the next child is born.  In addition, we continue to optimize productivity in an effort to keep our agency fee very competitive and reasonable in comparison to our competitors.  Lastly, the impact that our newborn care placements have had on a family's overall needs has added immeasurable value.



We are here to help and guide you as a new and growing family.  As families grow and circumstances change, many need help and advice navigating through things like pay rates, services needed and duration of care.  We will also be a source of contact for your baby nurse and check in to gain some feedback on how everything is going.  If there is any way we can help or anything to be concerned about, we'll offer some practical guidance.



We will collect as much information from your family as needed to understand your needs, family style and preferences. We will also collect nanny job preferences, observe personality and skills from qualified candidates.  This way we are gaining insight into the needs and preferences of both parties, before making recommendations.  We will only recommend the top-tier nannies that fit your job needs closely and are equally as interested in the details of your job.  



Although our success rates are higher than ever before, More Than A Nanny will work with you quickly to provide a qualified replacement if things should not work out with your original hire. We will evaluate and seek to understand where things went wrong and what adjustments can be made to ensure success with your next placement.



Although most of our clients do go on to hire one of our nannies, you will never be obligated to hire a nanny from our agency.  We will work hard to match your family with qualified nannies but there is no obligation to pay a placement fee if you should decide not to hire from our firm.  Because we work hard and genuinely care, we only ask that you are committed to the process and serious about finding a great nanny.  



Questions about what to look for, what to offer in terms of nanny pay and benefits, nanny work agreement terms, nanny hiring questions, nanny employer expectations, nanny salary and payroll options, vacation, gifts/bonuses, travel and overnight pay and more; our agency can help.  We will provide the support you need and that which you may not even realize you need! In addition, More Than A Nanny is partnered with a leading nanny training school offering professional development classes for nannies in the areas of infant & child development and Pediatric CPR & First Aid.

WE TRULY CARE (Ask Our NY & NJ Nannies, Newborn Care Specialists, Baby Nurses & Families)

We have integrity and are 'people-people' which means we care about our candidates and our client families in a real way, seeking first to connect on a human level without considering our own advantage.  We will only work with you if we think we can help you find what you're looking for.  We literally get excited when we match you with the perfect caregiver.  We may even get emotional at times when we receive the emails and messages of gratitude, not only because of the work and effectiveness, but for making a difference in the lives of others - helping families, children and caregivers, there is nothing more rewarding.

"Thank you so much More Than A Nanny!  We literally had no idea what we wanted when we signed up but you helped us understand what our needs were and matched us with an angel who has made all the difference!"

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