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Frequently Asked Questions from Our Client Families (FAQ's)


What Type of Nanny Services Do You Provide?

More Than A Nanny specializes in placing full time, live-out nannies throughout New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and lower Connecticut (CT).  Our nannies are generally interested in working a minimum of 30 up to 55 hrs per week.

What Areas Do You Service for Nanny Placement?

We provide nanny placement services in the following areas:

New York / Hudson Valley (Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland Counties)

North New Jersey (Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Essex, Sussex, Hudson Counties)

Fairfield, CT 

Where Do Your Nannies Come From and How Do You Find them?

We have developed a massive pool of qualified nannies over the years through our thorough placement efforts, industry networking and through word of mouth.  We strive to cultivate long term relationships with our nanny candidates over the course of many years, so many have worked with us before and come back year after year once their job has ended on good terms.  Our nannies range in age and backgrounds, however they are all legally authorized to work in the U.S. 

What Kinds of Nanny Screenings Do You Perform?  

We perform a wide variety of important nanny screenings including personal review of experience and education, background checks by a third party investigations firm which include multi-state criminal record search, driving record checks when applicable, sex offender registry checks, social security check and reference checks.  We screen many nannies on a weekly basis, however only a small percentage of those candidates are approved and selected for recommendation to our client families.  

How Much Do Nannies Cost and What are the Average Rates for Nanny Salaries?

Many factors will go into determining a nanny's salary including hours, duties, experience, location, requirements and previous salary history.  Competitive rates for qualified nannies generally range anywhere from $25-40 per hour and nannies are paid on a weekly basis.


What are the Agency Fees?

We have a personalized and selective screening process.  There is an initial registration fee of $375 to initiate the selection, matchmaking and interview process.  The one-time nanny placement fee equals 15% of the nanny's annual salary applied when you hire a nanny.  The registration fee is credited towards the total.  This includes full background check disclosure and a free replacement guarantee in the rare instance that things should not work out.

Do We Need to Pay Nanny Taxes?  Do You Pay the Nanny or Does the Family?

As a professional nanny screening and referral service, we are not employers of the nanny and do not pay the nanny, nor offer legal advice in regards to how to pay your nanny. That is a matter to be decided and discussed between the family and their nanny. For helpful advice regarding nanny pay and tax information, please contact our partner GTM Nanny & Household Payroll Services.  Most nannies are most concerned with what their net (take-home) pay will be, so it is a good idea to determine what the nanny will take home each week so there will be no surprises when they receive their first paycheck.  


Do We Need to Provide Food and Transportation for our Nanny?

For live-out nannies, families typically will not be required to provide food or transportation to get to work.  If a family requires transportation/driving of the children by the nanny during the work day, the family will ideally provide use of a family car the nanny can use or reimbursement of expenses (gas, toll, mileage, public transportation, etc.) if the nanny will be required to drive the children in her own car.


How Long Does the Process Take to Find a Nanny?

We always maintain an active pool of qualified nannies so we are able to move as quickly as needed. Each family will have different needs and the time-frame will depend greatly on your responsiveness and availability for arranging interviews.  From sign-up to hire, usually takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks for most families.

What Does a Nanny Search Process Entail?

1. First we seek to understand your nanny needs and review your Family Registration Form.

2. We will schedule a consultation with you to discuss your needs further.

3. If we believe our nannies match your needs, we will move forward with the search.

4. We begin selecting suitable candidates and review your job with them to gauge interest. 

4. We will recommend the most suitable candidates and arrange interviews at your home.

5  When you meet a nanny you'd like to hire, we will provide you with an offer form to detail the terms.

6. A placement specialist will review the offer details with the nanny for her feedback/acceptance.

7. Background checks are provided to the family and are included in the placement.  

8. More Than A Nanny is available for continuous support and will check in to ensure a smooth transition. 


How Many Nannies Will I be Able to Meet? 

There is no specific number of nannies you will meet but most families meet between 2-4 before making a decision, but we will work with you if you haven't found your match. Because our process is personal and thorough, some families are happy hiring the first nanny we recommend, while others may meet several nannies before making a decision. We will always recommend the most viable prospects for your family to choose from. 

What are the Advantages of using a Brick & Mortar Nanny Agency vs. Online Listing Service? Great Question, there are many great reasons that we've learned from our clients over the years! Please review our Top Ten Reasons to Use a Professional Nanny Agency here.  

Have Other Questions Not Answered Here?  Email Us and We Will Get Back to You Right Away! 

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