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Nanny Placement Process

Attracting, Vetting and Placing Top-Notch Nanny Professionals

With over fifteen years in the childcare and household staffing industry, we have consulted and learned the evolving needs of our client families and the goals of our nanny professionals. We continue to refine our screening, recruitment and placement processes to improve effectiveness and ensure success. While we utilize the latest technologies for screening and matchmaking, it is the old fashion referrals, word-of-mouth and dedicated people that are the heart of our business.

Requirements and Needs Analysis

To help achieve your child care objectives in the most efficient way, we will need more than just a job description. We want to identify those things about your family, household, and your preferences that will enable us to select the most suitable caregivers and excite them about using their skills, experience, and personality to make a positive difference in the lives of your children. It is often the details about the challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities that will attract the best talent.


Selecting and Matching
Each new search begins with identifying ideal candidates within our nanny pool. We generate qualified applicants, returning caregivers and referred nannies on a daily basis. We will discuss the details of your job with those nannies whom we believe may be a match based on their experience and your requirements. If they are excited about the opportunity, we will recommend that your family meet with them by sending over a profile of the nanny for your review. There is no specific limit to the candidates we recommend, however we are experts at selecting and eliminating candidates based on fit and interest so our clients value our ‘quality over quantity’ approach.

Screening and Qualifying
Prior to arranging interviews and recommending nannies to your family, our team has conducted an
evaluation and review of the candidate’s work authorization, experiences, skill levels, references, salary history and expectations, accomplishments and career goals. Confidential background checks and reference information are disclosed once you choose to engage a candidate. All offers are contingent on your favorable review of the background checks. Background checks are investigated and reported by an approved private investigation firm, so there is no conflict of interest.

Nanny-Family Interview Process
Interviews are best conducted at the client’s home where the nanny is typically more comfortable and
can see the work environment, however, coffee shop interviews are also a secondary option. Communication with us is key after interviews are conducted. Nannies are interviewing with other families and we need your feedback. We will also discuss the interview with the nanny to confirm continued interest. Time is valuable at this stage and delays can lead to unwanted outcomes. Our process facilitates the timely and smooth movement forward towards the offer or a graceful withdrawal

Offer and Acceptance
Our offer to acceptance ratio is extremely high because we stay engaged throughout the process. The
needs, desires, and goals of both families and candidates are critical when formulating an acceptable offer letter. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the final salary that most often makes or breaks an employment offer. Acceptance rates go up when all parties know the expectations and limitations before an official offer is extended. Flexibility is key to long term retention. We will provide you with an important Family-Nanny Work Agreement that can be edited to your liking and we will review this with the nanny to ensure she understands and accepts the offer terms and details.


Rates and Fees
Before we accept any fees, we are most concerned with whether or not we can meet your nanny hiring needs. If we are confident we can help, we will extend our referral agreement. The initial registration deposit is $250 to initiate the search and interview process. When you hire one of our nannies, the placement fee is 15% of the initial first year compensation offered. Our long term success rates are high however we do offer a free replacement should things not workout.

Transitioning and On-boarding
Proper on-boarding is a critical foundation block for building a long-term employee relationship. Throughout the transition period we are available with families and nannies to offer suggestions and help address any concerns or issues that arise. Often it is the small things that make the difference!

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