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Helping to Make Your Life Better, One Nanny at a Time!


Thank you for considering More Than A Nanny to meet your family's needs.  We have consistently helped dozens of families each month find the quality child care that they need. Our services have evolved over the years, and we now have mastered our specialty in finding, vetting and recommending the most dedicated Nannies and Baby Nurses in New York and New Jersey, with current office locations in Northern NJ, Rockland and Westchester County NY and Nationwide for Newborn Care Services.

When we began over fifteen ago, our goal was simply to help families find quality childcare. As we've grown and gained invaluable experience, our mission and focus has evolved into much more than we'd imagined.  We have seen the impact that our work has had on the lives of families, nannies and the children that they love and care for.  Far more than just a nanny agency, we advise and support families as ideal employers and recommend caregivers who have gained our trust. We help make your life better one nanny at a time! 

How do we do this?  Well, honestly it isn't easy!  Great nannies are not easy to come by and you may have already learned this the hard way.  Yet, by being very selective and understanding what to really look for, we are able to provide caregivers who really care about the work that they do and meet our 10-step vetting process.  We recommend professionals who truly care about early childhood development and who take pride in their work and your family willingly.  We truly believe that child care shouldn't be just a job but a fulfilling and rewarding career!  We provide caregivers that are truly passionate about what they do and not only talk the talk, but also walk it.  Any family who has conducted a search on their own can attest to the fact that finding the right fit can be challenging at best.  With invaluable experience and a proven track record, we've been increasingly able to deliver quality results that improve family/work life balance & peace of mind. 


Hiring someone to come into your home, into your most personal space, and care for the well-being and development of your child can be the single most important hire you can make. With our concerned support, families gain the benefits of partnering with a full-service agency who really 'gets it' and can quickly deliver high quality results and reliable care!


Quality Care Lasts a Lifetime!


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