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Nanny vs Baby Nurse - What's the Difference?

Are you expecting a newborn? Many families wonder what the difference between a nanny and a newborn specialist (commonly known as a Baby Nurse) may be. There are some distinct differences and you should certainly understand the differences before deciding on which hire is best for your family.

1. A Baby Nurse is a Specialist in Newborn Care and generally work exclusively with newborns.

2. A Baby Nurse will get up with baby at night and sleep train your baby.

3. A Baby Nurse will Provide education and specialized tips and support in Newborn Care.

4. A Baby Nurse is temporary and usually work anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

5. A Baby Nurse is trained and works exclusively with newborn babies and can specialize in multiples, preemies, reflux, breastfeeding and more!

The best solution is to hire a baby nurse initially when you bring baby home from the hospital and transition to hiring a nanny after a few months or in connection with when maternity leave is ending if working for an employer.

For more information and/or questions about hiring a Nanny/Baby Nurse in the NY or NJ area, contact


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