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Conducting Quality Nanny Interviews - Do's & Don'ts

Whether this is your first time hiring a nanny or you've hired nannies in the past and want to be sure to make the right choice, the nanny interview is one of the most important aspects of the search and selection process. Here are some key do's and don'ts for conducting successful nanny interviews.

Conducting Successful Nanny Interviews

“Finding the Perfect Match has just as much to do with ‘fit’ and ‘interest’

as it has to do with Experience.”

Says More Than A Nanny's Placement Director

Quality nannies are hard to find and we've learned what it takes to attract, hire and retain the best child care providers.


  • Try to have both parents and decision makers present whenever possible and choose a time when you’re not tired or rushed.

  • Understand your nanny needs and what is most important to you, recognizing that finding a good match for your family goes well beyond merely what is listed on a nanny resume.

  • Have a few questions in mind to ask but go with the flow!

The Interview

When interviewing a nanny, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the nanny have a long-term interest in working with children? Does she seem warm and caring?

  • Does the nanny seem like a good fit for our family and is the conversation flowing with relative ease?

  • Does she possess the skills/qualities that matter most to us?

  • Does she seem to be flexible and manageable?

  • Does she seem capable, professional and trustworthy?

  • Are there any concerns and are they really deal breakers?

Do not discuss salary on the initial interview. The interview is all about getting to know the nanny and discussing your needs as you see them. Money talk can cloud judgement. Salary is usually always negotiable and can be discussed with the agency’s help when there is genuine interest on both sides.


Discuss how you feel about this nanny and trust your gut. Provide fast feedback to your Placement Specialist. We will also discuss the interview with the nanny to gauge interest. Quality nannies do get hired quickly so don’t delay moving forward if you believe you have found the right nanny!

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