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10 Reasons You Get What You Pay For When Hiring a Nanny

More Than A Nanny Places Top Notch Nannies

Think money can't buy good child care? You may want to think again. Money can buy a bigger house, a nicer car and yes, it may help you secure Mary Poppins.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Get What You Pay for When Hiring a Nanny...

1. Nannies are Professionals. Nannies are not babysitters who are paid an hourly rate to merely watch children and make sure nothing really bad happens to them. They are engaging nurturing professionals who spend considerable time molding and influencing their growth, development and happiness. In addition, a well paid nanny is reliable, punctual and flexible.

2. Nannies are Experienced. Like a teacher, many nannies meet minimum qualifications, have quality experience working in child care settings, previous nanny positions and some even have college degrees in Early Childhood Education.

3. Nannies Really Care. Nannies tend to work longer hours and spend full days with your children. Money just won't be enough in the long run, without a true and genuine love of children. This love will translate into care similar to the kind you yourself would provide.

4. Nannies Know their Worth. It's no secret that great nannies are highly sort after and they know it. There is always another family willing to pay a little more for the best nanny. Nannies take pride in their work and appreciate families who value them.

5. Nannies Talk. Nannies tend to know and associate with other nannies. Nannies know the going rates in their area and the best nannies expect to be compensated slightly or moderately above average.

6. Nannies offer Peace of Mind. Every family wants the peace of mind in knowing that their children are in safe and loving hands when they leave for the day to focus on work. Peace of Mind in this regard is priceless.

7. Nannies can Handle Emergencies. A professional nanny has great common sense and knows what to do in the case of an emergency. They would handle things in a matter you would if you were there. Emergencies will be less likely with a quality well paid nanny.

8. Nannies are Attentive. Nannies ensure safety and are always keeping best practices with meals, hygiene, safety, and the overall needs of the child.

9. Nannies are Loyal. Nannies are always looking for a family to work with for many years. They are committed to the family whom they are employed and genuinely want to add value to your lives and see your children succeed.

10. Nannies are Incredibly Valuable. A quality nanny can make a considerable impact on your life and the lives of your children. Parenting may be one of the hardest jobs in the world with the most rewards. Nannying is comparable except they are caring for someone else's children as if they were their very own.

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