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Top-Notch Summer Nannies

New York & New Jersey - NYC, Westchester, North NJ, Rockland, Long Island

Hire A Summer Nanny for Your Warm Weather Childcare Needs


Whether the children's schedules change, or you will be staying away from home this Summer, we're here to help you find a quality professional nanny for this Summer.


Engaging Summer Nannies

By Career Nanny, we are referring to a qualified nanny who has chosen a long-term professional career in the nanny and child care related field.  We have built a long-term relationship with many of our nannies and it is their sincere desire to work in this specialized area of child care because of their genuine love for children and their interest in the emotional, physical and developmental wellness of each child in their care.  More Than A Nanny offers more than babysitters, but individuals who offer all-around support second to that of a parent.  


Summer Nanny Services Offered

  • Placement of Professional Full Time Summer Nannies, 30-60 hrs. per week

  • Diverse Pool of Personally Vetted and Fully Screened Nanny Candidates

  • Active Pool of Qualified Live-Out or In Nannies in NYC, Westchester, CT, Rockland and Northern NJ

  • Nannies who Drive in the Suburban areas of New York, New Jersey and Fairfield CT

  • ASAP Nanny Placement Services Available for Quick Turn-Arounds (Not Temp)

  • Higher Retention and Referral Rates for Long Term Nanny Needs

  • Nanny Employer Resources including Interview Tips, Offer Forms, Expert Advisement and More

  • Over 15yrs Helping Families and Providing Top Notch Nannies who Become Part of Your Family

Our Nanny Screening Process

We measure success by more than just the background check. Each and every nanny must meet our strict requirements and pass our screening process which includes an application and interview screening with seasoned staff, reference checks and review, full criminal background check including criminal record searches, social security verification, address history, driving record where applicable, sex offender registry, review of training and certificates.  In addition, we evaluate overall experience, personality, interest, reliability, professionalism and fit before recommending nannies to any of our client families.


Family Interviewing Process

Once we have a good understanding of your family's needs and our ability to meet them, we will match with a select few personally selected and qualified candidates that have already met our screening requirements.  We have a quality vs quantity approach, selecting the most suitable and interested prospects for your family to consider. We will recommend candidates and arrange for you to meet and interview them in your home. Full nanny profiles will be provided, detailing their experience and qualifications.  After interviews, we will discuss your impressions of each nanny and answer any questions you may have.  We will follow up with your nanny of choice to gauge their interest following the interview, which aligns closely with their job performance and satisfaction.


Nanny Salaries and Agency Fees

  • NY and NJ Nanny salaries vary widely based on a Nanny's experience and the details of the job needs.

  • The going Summer Nanny salaries for the best nannies range $25-35 per hour (net/take-home). We will work to recommend a nanny that fits within your budget.  

  • The agency placement fee is a one-time fee when you hire the nanny of your choice.  The full nanny background check report is included along with a replacement guarantee, on the rare occurrence things should not work out and you need to replace your nanny. The $250 registration fee to begin the matching and interview scheduling process, is applied entirely to the placement fee when you hire.

Hiring a Nanny

Hiring a nanny has never been easier! We will recommend top-notch nannies that match your needs and preferences closely.  When you decide on the nanny you'd like to hire, we will provide you with a family offer agreement which you can edit based on your family needs.  We will answer any questions you have with regards to the offer details, salary and customary offerings. We will review your offer with the nanny and ensure she is in agreement with all aspects of the offer.  This important process ensures that all details of the job and expectations are clear and agreeable, encouraging long term retention.  Our interpersonal relationships and history with our nanny candidates promotes open communication and transparency.  


"Rachel is exactly what we were looking for and my daughter loves her! I've hired nannies in the past, and it has never been this easy before. Thank you for all of your help and I will certainly recommend your nanny services to other families I know!"

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