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Meet Some of Our Top Newborn Care Baby Nurses & Newborn Care Specialists

Our pool of baby nurses LOVE what they do and it shows!  They've provided priceless help for hundreds of our client families and their references are nothing less than stellar!  They are reliable, flexible, knowledgeable and professional. In addition, each baby nurse we recommend has a completed background check, newborn care training, CPR certification, and necessary medical/vaccinations on file for the safety of your newborn! Our baby nurses live in New York (NYC, Westchester, Rockland, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island) and in Northern New Jersey NJ (Bergen, Essex, Hudson County, Passaic and Surrounding).  We are also helping families nationwide.



Certified Nurse Assistant, Newborn Care Specialist, Night Baby Care


Maria is a very sweet and hard working woman who likes to stay busy. She is often referred to as our baby whisperer.  She enjoys working every day of the week and still maintains some hours at the hospital in NYC.  She has raised her own children and understands the needs of new and growing families.  In addition to work in the hospital setting, Maria enjoys helping new moms and dads provide attentive care to their newborns. She drives and is willing to commute almost anywhere in the tri-state area.  


"Maria is AMAZING!  When she first arrived, we had no idea what we were doing and she has helped us tremendously!" (Jersey City Mom) 


Registered Nurse (Philippines), Certified Newborn Care Specialist

24 Hour Care and Night Care, Twins Care



Romana is an amazing and loving baby nurse with a strong work ethic and passion to help families completely to properly care for their newborn babies. She is flexible and willing to help in all areas including breastfeeding/ lactation support, sleep training, bathing, swaddling, mom care, live-in and overnight care for baby.  She is loved by many families and she is available in New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester and NYC for 24-hr and night care.  


"Romanna was amazing!  Thanks for a job well done!" (Long Island Mom) 


Registered Nurse / Newborn Care Specialist

24 Hour Care and Night Care



An educated and extremely helpful baby nurse who is willing to go the distance to make our clients feel supported, informed and well rested.  “Janice was kind and hardworking. Her knowledge was incredible, and she always anticipated mine and the baby’s needs. She was extremely reliable, respectful, and never stopped until all tasks were completed. Along with bottle feeding and diapering, and the usual newborn care, she helped by cooking meals, tidying and doing the laundry.


Certified Twins and Triplet Specialist, Pediatric Nursing Assistant


With over twenty years of experience, Diane is a true professional who knows the ins and outs of newborn care. She still cares for singletons, but her specialty is with multiples.  Diane wants to help as many families as possible. She gets babies on a great schedule.  She is available for night or 24 hour assignments almost anywhere in the USA.  She frequently works in NY, NJ, CT and Boston MA. 


"Dian is EXCELLENT!  She is a true Godsend!" (NYC mom) 


Nights Newborn Care Specialist


A seasoned nanny and newborn expert, Idalia adores babies and enjoys getting up at night to attend to their every need.  She has worked all throughout NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey and Westchester.  She is a night baby nurse who can work flexible schedule if needed.  She drives and get wherever she needs to go!


"Yes, we love Idala, she is so pleasant and we got such great rest with her here!" (Brooklyn Family)


Newborn Care Specialist and Newborn Nanny


Anita is hard working and well liked newborn specialist and nanny.  She has been known to stay with families for prolonged periods of time due to the value she brings to the family beyond the priority of child care.  Her personality is infectious and she is a pleasure to be around.


“Anita started when my child was just a newborn, we kept her for years for the birth of our children. She is diligent, motivated and the most reliable person we know. Over the years she made our lives easier, better, and more organized. She is a strong multi-tasker and any family would be fortunate to have her caring for their baby and children.”


Licensed Pediatric Nurse and Infant Nanny


Danielle has been working with newborns for 10 years now with our agency!  We are happy to say she has grown tremendously in the field and her warm and loving demeanor is contagious!  She works day, night and weekend shifts.  She also maintains her nursing license by working in the field on a per diem basis.


"Danielle is so sweet, we love her and want to keep her for a full year!" (Hoboken Family)


Day, Night and 24 Hour Baby Nurse and Doula


Shira has been a wonderful addition to the More Than A Nanny Infant Care Team for several years now.  She is truly passionate about babies and seeks to advance her skills by continuing her education in newborn care training, doula certification and more.  She enjoys the holistic approach to infant care, ensuring the well being of mom and baby as well as other family members.  Her diverse experience allows her the flexibility to offer families as much or as little support as they feel they need.


“We hired Shira twice when each of our children were born. She had a great personality and a positive attitude. Her passion for children really showed in her commitment. She was knowledgeable on colic babies and showed us new positions and techniques to help.”


Nights Newborn Care Specialist and Nanny, Multiples Experience


Ney has a very endearing and warm personality and like all of our baby nurses, she was born to care for babies and children.  She is truly passionate about 'her babies' and she is dedicated to getting each and every baby off to the best possible start.  She leaves her mark by giving the famliy as much or as little guidance as they need. She drives and travels anywhere within the United States.  She has worked with the agency on event, temp and permanent nanny assignments as well!


"We hired Ney because she was knowledgeable with twins from previous experiences, we have very hectic schedules and never worried about what was going on. She was hardworking and kept great communication."


Day, Night and 24 Hour Baby Nurse, Singles and Multiples Specialist


The baby nurse 'that gets the clients results'!  That is what this award winning baby nurse is known for.  She is commited to coming in at the beginning and leaving with a strategic plan for families.  She has been featured and mentioned in parenting magazines and even a tv show.  She has worked with all different families and loves the variety the job brings.  If you give her a chance, she will get you the most sort after results including baby schedule, routine, sleep training, fussy/colic soothing, breastfeeding success and so much more!


"A true gem, Shante came into our home when we nervous and sleep deprived new parents.  Immediately I knew we had did the right thing by contacting the agency.  She instantly calmed her fears and held our baby like a pro.  We knew our baby was in the right hands and we were right.  I cried when she left us because I knew I had to go it alone but she paved the way for us."

We have many more excellent baby nurses!  Request Availability Now


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