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Coronavirus Advice for Nanny and Household Employers

Many household employers of nannies and other home staff, including housekeepers and baby nurses, are uncertain of how to proceed during this uncertain time. We are receiving many emails and calls from nannies and families on what is the best approach in terms of safety and pay. Here is what we have gathered based on information from our local healthcare organizations and government.

Safety is of Utmost Importance

Keeping your family and your employees safe during this time is the priority. If you need for your nanny to come to work, so that you can work and she is not sick and has not been in contact with someone who is sick, she should be able to work. Keep in mind that if you or a member of your family becomes ill or has close contact with someone who is sick (at work or otherwise), it is advised to have your nanny stay home. If your job has allowed you time off from work, it would be kind to extend this courtesy to your nanny as well.

Maintain Precaution

You've probably heard of the importance of proper hand washing during this time. It is also important that your family and nanny take extra precaution when leaving the home and maintaining 'social distance' from others in public places, always remembering to wash hands immediately when entering your home.

Paid Time Off

If you would prefer your nanny not come to work or you do not need your nanny during this time, due to reduction in work or illness (in your family or the nanny's), it is advised that you continue to pay your nanny. If this presents a hardship for you over a prolonged period of time, you may consider reduced pay. This will reduce the financial burden and stress levels caused during this pandemic crisis.

Be Kind

Remember that your nanny is an extension of your family and we want to keep in mind that their career is the livelihood. This is something beyond most of our control and if we work together, we will get through this more compassionate and stronger on the other side.

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Be Safe and Well!

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