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4 Misconceptions About Nanny Agencies

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We speak to families and nannies daily who have many preconceived notions and misconceptions about what it means to work with a full service nanny agency and how it really works. We will try to address the most common myths and concerns that come across our office.

  • They're Too Expensive

Quality nanny services never charge a fee to nanny applicants. Not only is this unethical but it allows nanny agencies to be completely selective without any conflict of interest. The placement fee to families is typically only due if and when the family finds their perfect nanny and decides to move forward. Agencies attract qualified nannies that can meet the strict requirements and screening process. These nannies tend to be more invested in a nanny career and are looking for the right family to work for. Nannies placed by a nanny service come with a higher retention rate, often staying for 3 years or longer! If you do the math, the initial cost is usually well worth it. In addition, most nanny agencies offer some sort of guarantee period.

  • They Pre-Determine Nanny Rates and Salaries

Many parents will ask 'what are the salaries for your nannies?', but the question real question that should be asked is 'what are the going rates for nannies in my area?'. Nanny agencies don't actually determine rates for their nannies. Professional nannies apply to the agency with a salary history and salary expectation that is discussed and understood before any job opportunities are presented. Nanny salaries vary based on many factors but agencies are aware of the going rates that nannies earn in your area. Nannies who are hired well below market rates will eventually become aware as they speak with other nannies or do simple research so the goal is always to fall within the average rates.

  • The Agency will Negotiate a Higher Salary to Increase their Placement Fee

Although most placement fees may be based on a small percentage of the nanny's first year annual salary, trustworthy agencies allow for full disclosure and will only match you with nannies that fall within your pre-determined budget. Nannies come to an agency with a salary history and salary requirements which is only one aspect of the matching process. The ultimate salary offer will come from the family and it will be up to the nanny whether or not to accept the position. The agency's goal is to make a lasting match and a few hundred dollars difference in placement fee is certainly not worth the risk of sabotaging the deal!

  • I Can do What They Can do Without the Expense

This is a common misconception. Sure, any family can search online sites or post nanny ads all over the place and receive tons of applicants, but nanny agencies offer a benefit that no family can gain on their own. Aside from the luxury aspects of using an agency to easily find fully screened and pre-approved qualified candidates, nanny agencies have an insiders link to the nanny community. They know the pulse of the nanny industry in your specific area and gain the trust of local nannies to understand true interests, goals and opinions. This may seem like an intangible thing, but you would be surprised at how much of this plays into matching you with the right nanny (before and after interviews) and long term retention. Nannies confide in their placement counselors and agencies will guide families in making the best choices and offers to the most suitable nannies for their job. In the long run, this will lead to better selection, a happy dedicated nanny, and longer retention for your children.

Ultimately, finding a nanny is no easy task but the rewards of hiring the right nanny can offer great benefits to your children and peace of mind to your family for years to come!

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