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What Type of Nanny Services do you Provide?

More Than A Nanny offers permanent, temporary, full time live out nannies throughout New York, New Jersey and Fairfield CT.  Our nannies work a minimum of 20-30 hrs per week up to 60 hrs per week.


Where do your Nannies come from and How do you find them?

Many of our nannies have worked with us before and come by way of referral.  They live in the New York or New Jersey areas and our nannies will live within reasonable distance of you.  They come from a diverse variety of backgrounds and are all legally authorized to work in the U.S. and speak good English.


What Types of Nanny Screenings do you Perform?  

We perform a variety of nanny screenings including review of experience and education, background checks including criminal and driving checks and reference interviews.  We screen many nannies, however only a small percentage are selected for recommendation to our client families.  


How Much do Nannies Charge, What are the Average Nanny Salaries and Going Rates?

Many factors will go into determining a nanny's salary including hours, duties, experience, location, requirements and previous salary history.  Rates generally range $20-35 per hour.


What are the Agency Fees?

We have a selective screening process.  There is an initial registration fee of $250 to initiate the matchmaking and interview process.  A nanny placement fee equal to 15% is only applied when you hire a nanny, and the registration fee is credited to the total.  This includes full background check disclosure and a free replacement guarantee in the rare instance that things should not work out.


What if things don't work out with the Nanny we hire?

We have a great success rate for long-term placement but in rare cases, the nanny may not work out as you had hoped.  We are happy to help our client families find a replacement nanny free of charge.  


Do we Need to Pay Nanny Taxes?  Do you pay the Nanny or does the family?

As a professional referral service, we are not employers  of the nanny and do not offer legal advice with regards to how to pay your nanny. That is a matter to be discussed between the family and their nanny. For nanny pay and taxes information, please contact our partner GTM Nanny & Household Payroll Services.  Most nannies are concerned with what their net (take-home) pay will be so it is a good idea to determine what the nanny will take home each week so there will be no surprises.  


Do we need to Provide Food and Transportation for our Nanny?

For live-in nannies, families will need to provide food and transportation.  For live-out nannies, families typically will not need to provide food or transportation to get to work.  If a family requires transportation/driving of the nanny during the work day, the family will usually provide transportation or expense reimbursement (gas, toll, mileage, public transportation, etc.)


How long does the process take of Finding a Nanny?

Each family is very different and the time-frame will depend a lot on your needs and availability.  The average search takes anywhere from two-six weeks and we try to accommodate emergency requests as quickly as possible.  


What does a Nanny Search Process entail?

1. First we understand the needs of your family.  Family completes a family registration form.

2. If we believe we can help, family will complete our referral agreement.  

3. We will begin selecting candidates that may be a match and going over your needs with the nanny.  

4. We will recommend the most suitable candidates and provide copies of their profile/resume.

5. We will arrange face-to-face interviews at the family's home.

6. If the family would like to offer the job to a nanny, they will complete a simple job offer we will provide.

7. Background checks are provided to the family and are included in the placement.  

8. More Than A Nanny is available for continuous support and will check in to ensure a smooth transition. 


How many Nannies will I be able to meet? 

There is no way to put an exact number on how many nannies you will meet.  Some families are happy hiring the first nanny we recommend, while others may meet several nannies before making a decision. Interest and fit may vary.  We will always recommend the most viable prospects for your family. 


What are the Advantages of using a Brick & Mortar Nanny Agency vs. Online Listing Service?

Great Question!  Please review our Top Ten Reasons to Use a Professional Nanny Agency here.  

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