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Nanny / Housekeeper (Bilingual)

North Hills, NY, USA

Job Type

Mon-Fri / 7:30am - 5:30pm

About the Role

- Housekeeper-nanny, primary job. 1 baby 5 mo. old baby girl.
- 75% of the time will be maintaining/managing the household (cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms, putting away groceries, dishes, mopping, changing sheets, laundry).
- Some assistance with cooking prep and an occasional run to the grocery or dry cleaners as time.
- Every now and then, we might be entertaining at home where we will need help.
- A few hours everyday, help with full charge care of the baby, which means feeding, diaper changing, bathing, etc. Usually in the morning and the afternoon occasionally.
- Able to Travel Internationally
- Available for some weekend hours as needed (additional compensation)


- Bilingual (Spanish, English).

- Hygienic and clean.

- Respects boundaries.

- Polite and professional

- Trustworthy and Loyal

- Limited cell phone use

- Able to travel internationally

- Driver needed

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