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Top Notch Nanny and Household Staffing Agency
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NJ: (201) 984-1000         Long Island: (516) 986-3320

Top Notch Baby Nurses and Newborn Support during the day or night for NY, NJ  & CT
Newborn Care & Baby Nurse Agency Services of NY, NJ & CT
Recommended by Local Hospitals, Doctors and Families as one of the Most Reliable Baby Nurse Agencies of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.  Providing Night and Day Baby Nurse Services in NYC, Westchester, CT, Long Island and New Jersey.

Learn how to properly feed and care for your baby or simply get some daytime support.  Our day baby nurses are available 8-12 hrs/day and 5- 7 days/wk.
 NIGHTTIME RELIEF & SLEEP TRAINING     Rest and recover at night and feel more rejuvenated to care for your baby and care for other things during the day. Our night nurses are avail 10-12 hrs per day and 4-7 nights per wk.
Get the full care, support and rest you need by reserving 24 hour care.  Truly the best of both worlds.  Round the clock baby nurses are available 5- 7 days/wk.

Our Baby Nurses offer invaluable assistance with...


  • Breastfeeding Support & Assistance
  • Bottle Preparation & Feeding
  • New Parent Guidance & Education
  • Single, Twins & Triplet Specialists
  • Routine & Schedule Development
  • Accompany to Doctor Visits
  • Baby Sleep Training
  • Soothing, Calming & Swaddling
  • Bathing & Dressing Baby
  • Monitor & Attend to Baby at Night
  • Baby Laundry & Nursery Organization
  • Nanny Training & Transition Support


* Because we strive to offer each family the care they need, our baby nurses are flexible to offer as much or as little help as you desire.

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